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Steve Wilkos Show

Women Accused Of Criminal Betrayals More

"Two years ago, Lenny was hospitalized after being brutally beaten. He says after he and his girlfriend, Cindy, had an argument, a relative of hers, along with 2 friends, pistol whipped him and shot up his home. He received staples in his head, stitches and was treated for a broken eye socket. Cindy maintains she had no idea that they were coming to assault him, but Lenny doesn't believe her. Next, Charles thought the one person he could trust in life was his daughter Erica. But now he doesn't know what to believe as he suspects that Erica stole almost $4,000 from his bank account. Steve gets to the bottom of these deplorable acts and the women accused of them, today."

The Jerry Springer Show



The King of Queens

No Orleans More

"Doug and Carrie find an old, unopened wedding present – a gravy boat – from Doug's third cousin Ron and his wife Marcia. Little did they know that inside was a check for $1,500 that they never realized was there and therefore never cashed. However, because the check expired a year after the wedding, they ask Ron and Marcia to rewrite it. Though they initially feel they need to treat this unbearable couple to a few meals before asking in order to justify their actions, Carrie loses her patience the first time and she re-opens the gravy boat and "notices the check." The plan backfires when Doug tells Ron and Marcia that they want to use the money for a trip to New Orleans and Marcia sets one condition Doug and Carrie can't go to New Orleans without them! Trying to avoid that debacle, Doug and Carrie attempt to sneak off to the Big Easy alone without letting their cousins know about it. Meanwhile, Arthur tries getting a comic strip he created into Playboy magazine, but his artistic talents leave a little something to be desired."

The King of Queens

Paternal Affairs More

"Doug's favorite aunt, Sheila, begins to date Arthur."

Mike & Molly

Bachelor/Bachelorette More

"Mike's dad comes to town early to attend Mike's bachelor party, which prompts Peggy to attend Molly's bachelorette event."

Mike & Molly

Weekend With Birdie More

"It isn't puppy love for Molly when Mike brings home a stray dog for the weekend."

2 Broke Girls

And The Break-Up Scene More

"Max gets annoyed that Caroline keeps meddling in her life, but the situation only gets worse when a well meaning Caroline steals Max's break-up scene."

2 Broke Girls

And the Gym and Juice More

"The shower at Max and Caroline's apartment breaks, so they get part-time jobs at a fancy gym's bar and enjoy free use of the locker room. But their jobs are placed in jeopardy when a group of rich moms become jealous of the attention Caroline receives from a sexy trainer."


The Betrayal More

"In this unique, "backwards" episode, Jerry, George, and Elaine go to India for Sue Ellen Mishky's wedding. Meanwhile, Kramer stays behind in New York and tries to "out wish" a friend who wants him to drop dead."


The Note More

"Physical therapy proves painful for Jerry when his small talk with his therapist leads to a misunderstanding. Jerry uses his dentist friend, Roy, to write a note so that insurance will cover therapy for George and Elaine. Then, George's paranoia about men comes into play when he gets a massage from a man and later says "I think it moved." Kramer thinks he has seen DiMaggio in Dinky Donuts. The notes may cause Roy to lose his license in an insurance fraud investigation."

How I Met Your Mother

The Naked Man More

"After a first date beds Robin using a technique called "The Naked Man" Ted and Barney decide to give it a try."

Family Guy

Peter's Sister More

"Peter's sister visit for Thanksgiving and proceeds to bully her brother, so a suddenly sympathetic Meg decides to train him for the big brother-sister wrestling match. Meanwhile, Stewie and Brian decide to do a cleanse to avoid overeating during Thanksgiving, but Stewie may have bitten off more than he can chew."

Bob's Burgers

Burgerboss More

"Bob becomes obsessed with an old-school burger-flipping video game after Jimmy Pesto gets the high score and writes "BOB SUX" on the leader board."

The Game

How Tasha Got Her Groove back More

"Malik tells Tasha that he is having problems with the offensive coordinator, Kenny, so she sets out to settle the problem. At the end, Tasha and Kenny disagree about Malik's career but end up liking each other."

The Game

I Want It All and I Want It Now (Part 2) More

"Kelly and Jason share an emotional moment; Tasha finally admits to setting Jason up with Camille. Jason is arrested for assaulting Kelly’s boyfriend."

Paid Program


Impractical Jokers

Heckle and Hide


How I Met Your Mother

Cupcake More

"Victoria gets a scholarship to a culinary institute in Germany, and must decide whether to go, or to stay in America with Ted. Barney takes Marshall shopping for a new suit. Lily goes shopping for a wedding dress."

Supreme Justice